The University of Chicago myPhone

IP Phone Call Manager

Welcome to the IP Phone Administration page, the web interface to change settings on your IP Phones at the University of Chicago.
Note: This link requires a campus connection. If you are connecting from off-campus, please use the VPN or RDC.

Go to My Phone

(You will be directed to our Cisco Call Manager [CCMUser] application)

Go to My Voicemail

(You will be directed to our Cisco Unity Connection [CiscoPCA] application)

UCM Wireless IP Phones

Note: This link requires a UCM connection.

Go to My Wireless

(You will be directed to UCM Cisco Call Manager [CCMUser] application)

Call Center Reporting

Note: This links are for Call Center Supervisors.

Go to Campus CUIC Go to Hospital CUIC

(You will be directed to Cisco Unified Intelligence Center portal)

To receive training on how to use this web interface, you can:

If you are new to VOIP: